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Ammonium Chloride
Ammonium chloride is an industry grade chemical that finds use in cotton, leather, hair care, household cleaning, medicine, textile, fertilizer, battery and other industries. The processes in which it is used are adding lustre, preparing galvanized metals, cooling baths, etc. 
Sodium Metabisulphite
Sodium metabisulphite is commercially produced salt of sulphurous acid that finds use in pharmaceutical formulations and meat products. It is used as a preservative to increase shelf life, as a disinfectant and as an antioxidant agent. 
Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium and bicarbonate are formed when the salt called sodium bicarbonate is broken down in water. This chemical is helpful in the treatment of high acidity conditions as it has the ability to neutralize acid. 
Glycerinis a sweet product that is regarded as a type of carbohydrate. For the commercial applications, its production can be done using fats and oils, or by fermenting sugar, yeast or starch. FDA is a global health authority that confirms its safety.
Citric Acid
Sodium ash light, also called soda ash light, is used in the production of chemicals. It is also used as an industrial alkali chemical in water softening, effluent treatment, paper, soap, iron, steel and more. 
Formic Acid
Leather and textile processing industries rely on the use of formic acid, also known as methanoic acid. When carbon monoxide is treated with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst, the formic acid in the form of its easter is prepared. 
Sodium Formate
Sodium formate supplied in 25kg sack finds use in chemical production and many industrial applications, such as printing, and leather tanning. It is also used in detergents as an enzyme stabilizer. 
Hydrogen Peroxide
Sodium sulphide, also called as sodium sulfide, is a chemical compound that finds use in industries, like textile, chemical, pulp and paper, and water treatment. It is used in manufacturing of sulfur dyes and rubber chemicals. 
Ammonium Bicarbonate
Buy from us food grade ammonium bicarbonate in 25kg sack. This chemical in the form of powder has shelf life of 2 years. It must be stored away from direct sunlight, and moisture. 

 "We are accepting above 1000KG order value."